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Orange County Produce…We Know Beans

In the 1950’s, the lima bean growing capital of the world was in Costa Mesa. This is not a surprising statistic since most beans grow best within a mild, Mediterranean microclimate. In fact, Orange County derives its famous name from the simple fact that this dynamic coastal plain is one of the best places on the planet to grow most any vegetable or fruit. The growers at Orange County Produce know this well and for three generations have been blessed with land, water and perfect weather to deliver a cornucopia of exceptional produce to discriminating Southern California buyers. And when it comes to growing fresh market beans, we’re the best!

For over 50 years, OC Produce has specialized in producing handpicked (not machine brutalized) Blue Lakes, Yellow Wax, Romano, Purple, Kentucky Wonder and other hard to find varieties of fresh market beans. We are able to deliver these delicious beans to farmers markets, stands and stores the same day of harvest. As part of Southern California’s sustainable food shed, our local grown products are the freshest in town. When your shelves are filled with Orange County Harvest it’s like having a stand in your store!